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loved your game it took me a while to understand the catch


You had me at friendo.


Made a video

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Great game but I wish there were more endings. I'm currently doing well for my town and yet I can't keep playing this forever. And I don't want to ruin my town on week 14 just to get an ending. Maybe if you do well enough, the Knights that came to slay the demon have a chance to attack? 

Edit: Ohhhhhh I just saw in the Youtube video below that to end it, my villagers have to lose faith in the demon. I didn't know that

Thanks for your feedback! The goal is to survive as long as possible, and if one of your stats drops to 0 then you will lose and get an ending. You will start getting random events after week 5 which may or may not make things more difficult for you.


Does the game have an ending?Please answer! I'm so curious!

You just got to survive as long as possible. When you fail, that's your ending :)


Looks great and all but i wish the effects of sacrifice would be explained somehow.

Like if there is a doctor and a baker in the row and you sacrifice the baker i'd think health would go up and G down but sometimes just 2 bars just go down randomly.


Hey! The effects of the sacrifice is hinted in the dialogue for the people. For instance, all the monks use "pray" in their speech and reference they are a monk, so killing them affects faith. 

For your example, killing the doctor or the baker will be a negative for health, but the baker you killed mentioned that wealth will decrease, so killing them also decreased your wealth.



Very well done! really makes you have to think a  lot, and makes you feel pretty creeped out just based on the subject matter of the game alone.    Meanwhile it clearly uses the theme well.  Good job! thank you for sharing you art! 


One of the best Ludum Dare games I've ever played! Congrats fo the awesome work!