You're a bat. You're in a dark cave. And there are THINGS out to eat you. Move carefully young one.

Created as part of Game Maker's Toolkit Jam

Game Jam Stuff

This is my third game jam, first time doing one in 48 hours. This time I wanted to focus on gameplay, using a restricted color palette, animations, and actually doing the sounds myself. So this time I did everything and in a shorter period of time :)

Given the theme of the jam, I decided to have my dual purpose design be that when you move you also attack. I also wanted to mimic the Otomata music sequencer for the audio. One thing led to another and my dual purpose design became quadruple: you move to attack, to see, and to play music. (Also the enemies only move when you do.)

I hope everyone enjoys it!




BeatEmUp_GMTKJam 2 MB


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interesting idea


Super polished! I love the art. I'll only say that it can be more obvious when you or an enemy takes damage, because the wave things move pretty quickly. Great job!


The pixel art and sounds are awesome!


Cool idea! 

(1 edit) (+1)

My favorite! Good job!