You're Becky. You started a new job. It's pretty simple. And totally NOT mundane.

Created as part of Ludum Dare 38. Vote for us!

Game Jam Stuff

Short blurb about the jam. Feel free to skip.

This is my second game jam, and second time doing LDJam. I'm quite pleased with how this entry turned out, so I hope everyone enjoys it. As per usual, I decided to be insane and learn an entire engine during the jam: it was my first time using GameMaker.

Just to explain the take on the theme in case anyone misses it: Becky works so much that her entire world is her job. It's a very very small world. Only her, the coffee, a computer and some staplers. :( Outside of that, taking the theme literally, the original size of all the assets (and the game) is a tiny 189x125.

I wanted to also try out using a different pixel style, palette, and using a palette restriction.

Everything was created during the jam, except for the music/sounds, which was provided by others. (Thank ♥)



Becky_LDJAM38.exe 3 MB


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 I don't think drinking that much coffee is healthy Becky :P Lovely small game and super cute <3 


Thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


tHe TitLe iS a LiE!!!!

hahaha jokes aside this is really cute! you did a great job <3

at one point i had 3 coffee brakes one right after the other and THAT'S what i call office life realism. Cute game, love the style and for some reason i really like pouring coffee

This poor secretary must pee so much! XD
It's adorable, I love it!

This is so cool I honestly especially love the typing task, that's so cool :) nice job! <3

cute, sad, poignant - a powerful combination

cute, sad, poignant - a powerful combination

Wow this is adorable and pretty addictive!

Cute and pretty fun!!

typing is so fun haha

Very cute! Initially I didn't get what to do with the middle computer so I immediately lost. orz

If anyone gets stuck on that one, you're supposed to type in what it says in the box "oh" "pizza" whatever it is. It will give you a sequence of words that form a sentence. :)