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Really neat game!

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I really enjoyed playing this game, and I'm really excited to see what comes next! There are a couple hitches in the gameplay, but I really like the direction it's going!

Here's a video of my gameplay:

(Video will be up February 27, 4:00 PM EST)

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And you should learn how this game solves collisions around edges.

I'm not too sure what you mean (and your link doesn't work?), but I do know that I need to fix a bug with the collisions, there's just a significant hiccup in getting it done. (Also thank you for the Z sorting bug)

Oh, excuse me and I've updated my comment.

Thanks a lot. I'll look into putting that in.

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a bug with depth sorting

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I know I've posted this like everywhere I can but... I really do like this game so far and with a few improvements it will be so amazing! I've enjoyed what I have played so far. I can't wait for the release and I hope it gets greenlit!

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you're enjoying it! I watched it ♥ I'm looking forward to the rest :)