Graphical Demo Released!

2 years ago we released a demo for our Steam Greenlight campaign and we got A LOT of feedback from people. Most of the feedback focused on the art and how the game played.

The art feedback focused on the overworld sprites and how the battles played. The low frame count, and the design of the sprites were not appealing. For the battles, a lot of people were not fans of the vertical battle style, and preferred to have something more classically horizontal.

The game feedback was less on the story or characters but on the game engine itself. People found the collisions too floaty and bouncy, it was easy to clip through them if you tried, some people ran into crashes that was hard to reproduce, and others had some issues with how the levels were designed.

We took all of this feedback and decided to invest in getting this stuff right, but it was no easy feat. It required essentially redoing the whole game! We redid all of the overworld sprites, the title screen, added new battle animations, new UI, new game engine, more music, and new story.

We hope everyone enjoys the changes that we’ve made!

For more information on the exact changes, please read here:

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Nov 01, 2019

Get Gataela - Demo


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I look forward to trying the new demo! I just now got around to trying the older one. My first impression was a bit negative though, because of the slow text speed and my inability to change it; could you please have faster text as an option if you haven't already added that?

I'm very interested in the idea of a debate "battle" system so I'm eager to see how you handled that.

I hope you enjoy the new demo! Text speed was added as an option so you can have it appear as fast as needed now :)