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this was a fun game.  I like how different enemies were affected by your weapon differently. I would have given this a good rating but unfortunately this game is closed to ratings.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! The reviews/ratings must've been accidentally turned off. I've turned them back on. Thanks for letting me know :)


Hello! I liked your game, it was fun to play, looked really cute and great music! It was a touch too fast for me so I couldn't quite finish it but I still had a fun time either way. I made a let's play of your game here~

Thanks for playing! I'm sorry it was so fast for you and you had trouble, but I'm glad you enjoyed it anyways. By the way, the poleman was indeed to shield up and run at them at the same time. As for the final key, you went to every room except the one with it;;;; lol I'll see about slowing things down a bit;;;; If you're interested, here's a little break down of the rooms:


You're more than welcome! See I thought that. I realised in editing how many times I did things and didn't notice for some reason lol. Damn I'm an idiot, oh well haha :D

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Nice! I really like the sprites - they're very cute, and nicely animated. Music's good too!

Only suggestions I have are the player could be slowed down a bit, and I wish the game used a different control scheme like Z/X/C or A/S/D for the attack/jump/block controls. It's a strain to use the old school ctrl/shift/Space control scheme.

Loved the art! Music is cool too, but I felt that the shield was a weapon and the game seemed as a platformer...

Cute bear! the weapon is bad, but you're not 'without' weapon, like the theme suggests ;-)


I feel like this one only superficially met the criteria. "An action game with no weapon" but you still run up to enemies and tap a button and they temporarily "die". "A metroidvania" but without everything that makes a metroidvania different than a platformer. And it it quite fast, hard to control.


Cute art! Too speedy for a platformer.